Pixie Le Knot is one of the most established British contortionists. Currently performs contortion and acrobatic acts at venues all over the world and has appeared in many films, commercials, virals, music videos and publicity stunts.
Pixie and Adam Jukes have recently created a totally unique act combing Pair Figure Skating with acrobatic skating, handstands and contortion.

Pixie Le Knot Appearances

  • Pixie Le Knot plays Kayla in HBO’s Game Of Thrones

  • Appeared in Paramount’s horror movie ‘The Devil Inside’

  • Look out for Pixie in new horror thriller It Never Sleeps 

  • She plays one of the four leads in touching feature film ‘My Feral Heart‘, available now on Sky Cinema

  • ITV 1’s Get Your Act Together teaching and performing contortion with Emmerdale’s Roxy Shahidi

  • Can be most recently seen on Youtube Originals ‘The Sidemen Show’

  • Completed filming on Warner Bros ‘Mowgli’ directed by Andy Serkis to be released 2018